Bionomics ... from the Greek words bio for life and nomos for law


In ecology, bionomics is the comprehensive study of organisms and their relationship to the environment in which they live.

We live in an environment shaped by many forces that influence the way we look, function, and feel. Our seminars focus on natural, light-touch therapies that facilitate the body's own restorative abilities and optimize each individual's capacity to feel better and live longer.

Applied Bio-Mechanics (Aquarian-Age Healing) and craniosacral therapy are powerful therapeutic systems at the core of our instruction.



Who we are and what we do.

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Ken’s six treatments were the foundation for years of pain free sciatic and neck/nerve pain. Eight years later [with no further treatment] - so far, so good.  BL



Our seminars are approved for continuing education credits by the Arkansas State Board of Massage Therapy and by Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.

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